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11 December 2019

Feed yourself

I started this blog because I started using a feed reader again. My experience when using social media has become less appealing over the years.

The problems are well-documented and not worth repeating here, but I don’t see much consensus on the current alternatives to the giant networks. Personally, there is a breath of fresh air in using a feed reader instead of trying to get news from algorithmic troughs or constantly skimming front pages.

There is better control of what surfaces to my attention and it is manageable enough to view everything chronologically. Once I’ve looked at everything in the current batch, I’m done! It feels great to finish and move on with life.

The main downside is support for feed readers has become less mainstream and not everything or everyone I care about has a subscribable feed. While the absence of this blog wasn’t stopping anyone else from switching to a feed reader, writing is one of the few things I can do to encourage change.

I currently use NetNewsWire as my feed reader application and it is a good place to start if you’re interested!